Snippets of Cebit’s Web Forward conference – Day 1

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Had a chance to see two talks from CeBIT’s Web Forward conference, Interwoven’s Marketing Director, and Microsoft’s User Experience evangelist: Shane Morris. Key points were:
1. Different devices require different designs and page flows
2. Usability testing for both web and mobile reveals new segments and personas
3. Users expect a follow me experience: ‘what I set up in one domain needs to be carried through to other touch points I tap into use your service.’ Consistency and
4. (recap from @voirol’s tweet) Thus, product dev process needs to be reversed: Desirability (in terms of what we want our customers to experience) first, usability 2nd then functionality. Functionality should not drive product development.
5. IT also needs to support this shift in the development cycle by being service oriented and supportive of the business


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