David Eldridge on Social Media (2GB)

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

There was an interesting Radio interview with David Eldridge from Alterian on tracking coverage, sentiment on brand, products or campaigns from Friday 16th October with 2Gb. Summary of interview here (source: Media Monitors):

Customers who are not happy with your business can now communicate their displeasure to millions of people around the world via the internet.

David Eldridge, Alterian, explains how companies can track this negative publicity and respond quickly and appropriately. He says that Dell have started using social media to identify people who make be interested in buying their products. He talks about his company’s social media monitoring tool, SM2, which can be used to monitor and analyse the content of hundreds of thousands of blogs, micro-blogs and user-generated content.

MacSween talks about the CEO of a foreign airline who used You Tube to respond to public criticism. FaceBook is also mentioned as a place where members of the public can air their views.

Audio to follow soon..

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