Media140 Sydney: Day 1 Wrap Up

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Since there’s already alot of great microblogs, live/archived video streams and official bloggers on Day 1 of Media140 in Sydney today, I thought I’d add my views on the speakers from today via a simple perceptual map that rates speakers by quality (message) vs delivery (medium).

I have tweeted most of today’s learnings, however the key ones that spring to mind are:

1. Opinion might be vast and varied, but quality journalism is the costly exercise (@Julie_posetti)

2. Standing out with credibility through accurate reporting and verification of facts in the context of the reader is an opportunity that only grows as social media is adopted in mainstream (@riy)

3.  Whilst social media humanises journalism, the same ethical principles apply: honesty & transparency with freedom of speech (@theburgerman)

What was missing from today’s event was clearly (and thankfully) voiced by @stilgherrian: rather than an ‘us vs them’ mentality, journalists should be exploring the merits and opportunities of engaging in social media rather than taking the medium to war.

Media140 Sydney - Day 1 Speakers

Disclaimer: Views presented here is strictly @schmediachick's and noone elses

  1. Stilgherrian says:

    I’m rather flattered that you’ve ranked my up there near Riyaad Minty, ‘cos I think he was the most outstanding presenter of the day. Thank you.

    The text I was reading from — which I did embroider a bit as I presented it — is at Media140: What do journos do better, exactly?

    • schmediachick says:

      No probs. It was your intervention in the Political Reporting session that shot you up the scale!

      Thanks for bringing the media pros in line with the times!

  2. Stilgherrian says:

    Aha! Yes, in that session I was hoping to learn how practitioners were using the new tools as part of their craft — after all, they represented some of the top political journalists in the country. Instead, they turned the conversation to a whinge about how the industry is changing and they might all be out of a job — which is indeed a worry, but one which we’ve already seen plenty.

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