Thanks for the memories, 2009

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Uncategorized
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2009 has seen a cultural and technological shift for most individuals and companies, and I for one have experienced a genuine desire to connect with other like minded people online. Time poor has slowly become a thing of the past as the ease of talking to others has taken on an entirely new dimension.

Go on any news site or influential blog and you’ll find some good reflections on 2009.

The Age talks about the Year in Technology , another claims 2009 as the year of Social Networks, ZDNet captures the top 5 in a video wrap.

Some highlights for me were (extracted from my trusty Twitter stream):

1. The continued proliferation of smart phones, open developer’s market for the iPhone and the Google Android phone.

2. The launch of Bing. Whilst it hasn’t affected Google’s search engine market share, Google’s complacency has somewhat been challenged, a good example is Bing’s decision to launch real time search against Twitter, Wolfram Alpha and Facebook.

3. Related to Bing is Murdoch’s pay wall media message frenzy. This is sure to be crowned the biggest publicity blitz for 2009. Quality and uniqueness of content were the topics on debate until News threatened Google with content exclusivity for Bing – #FAIL for unfair play.

4. The emergence of geo-location apps in phones and social networks. Look out for more activity here. Cite: Foursquare and Gowalla

5. The growing demand for social ‘computing’ or CRM. I’ve certainly seen genuine interest for companies wishing to track and monitor relevant conversations, online. Another space to watch as apps like Chatter will only get better.

Embracing change is something we humans are getting much better at and I’m excited at the prospect that the web and its multi facets will become increasingly entrenched in our lifestyles, whether we like it or not!

  1. Denise
    I agree with everything you’ve said – bring on 2010 and and even more hyper-connected world (if that’s possible – 2009 seemed insanely hyper-connected to me via the socnets)

    Its funny, today’s the second time I’ve heard about Gowalla – I saw a Tweet coming from it today, and now your blog post. Just when I thought I was starting to “get” Foursquare, along comes another – oh the humanity! 😉

    It’s been great getting to know you better this year and look forward to exploring the world of digital media, and social networking trends with you next year.

    Tony Hollingsworth

    • schmediachick says:

      Knew you’d see eye to eye with me! I felt kinda out of place during the Christmas break – there was alot of valuable catch ups with loved ones but none which excites me as much as the conversations/interactions I have online. Perhaps third place is now first place after all? 🙂 thx for your comment btw!

  2. justbecos says:

    Great post Denise,

    I have enjoyed meeting and slowly getting to know you in 2009. I hope we get to talk more in 2010 because you are the shining example of (as Tony Hollingsworth says) hyper-connected plugged in geek girl and frankly I want some more.

    I predict geo-location apps in particular Foursquare will be the next big thing in Australia for 2010…..lets see

    all the best and Happy New Year

    Tony Cosentino
    @thewordpressguy, @thelatteguy

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