Seek to Impress – Ralph Simon at X|Media|Labs

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ralph Simon, the father of ringtones, kicked off today’s X Media Lab’s pro conference on Global Media Ideas, touching on the basic ingredients of innovation and successfully bringing this out to market.

Ralph Simon (courtesy of

He reminded the crowd about the differences between Invention and Innovation:  something simply new and shiny is hopeless without firstly pinpointing who you’re appealing to and how you plan to make money (i.e. your business model). Knowing these points bring your idea from the bedroom to the boardroom. So, the top 3 ingredients to creating compelling mobile apps are:

  1. Be obsessed with quality: across technology choices, feature set and user experience
  2. Make sure there’s something to talk about to stimulate conversation and word of mouth
  3. Think about  a free vs paid app model:  seek to entice and lure users to pay

Plentiful success stories from Australian companies ensued his talk: Wiki/collaborative platform provider Atlassian,, 99designs and Spreets.

With any entrepreneurial feat comes the need for cash, and Simon was surprised about the lack of representation from the Finance profession in the room (it’s end of year, to be fair, but hey we don’t typically associate innovation with Finance gurus? :0)). This is one key tipping point for innovation: without cash or the availability of the right resources, you can forget about bringing your idea to life.

Most importantly, your attitude towards rejoicing on the positives and thriving on the negatives is what takes an idea over the line. Simon expresses this as cast iron belief and persistence throughout the journey, and points to Tubthumping’s I Get Knocked Down lyrics to keep you going (nice segue from the Wikitune’s case study!).

P.S Officially back on the blog trail after finishing my MBA at the AGSM!

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