You’re the maestro of your life

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

It seemed an appropriate time to stumble upon @swankins blog post the other day about Happiness. This along with recent events in my life has prompted this short post.

How we choose to live boils down to perspective and attitude. As human beings we experience the joys and hardships that shape us to become who we are. And in moments of dystopia where we can only see how bad a situation might be, it’s worth reminding oneself that these trying times bring great opportunities to  grow as an individual. I experienced that with my recent Laser Eye Surgery, which failed to correct my eyesight in the 2nd round of operation. Feeling like it was the end of the world, I learned a week later that a once very healthy friend of mine had developed Scotoma which will eventually impair vision across both eyes.

This coupled with an open minded approach to hearing, seeing and adapting to your surrounds also help create opportunities that might not be there in the first place. The digital world is made of twenty-something, energetic, creative entrepreneurs who thrive on experimentation. This can be as natural to any older person if we took on the same tenacity as these young-bes. My 62 year old dad is an excessive iPad/iPod consumer, who has a love for BitTorrent (he will remain anonymousJ) yet also persists with playing one of 100 vinyl records each night.

Life also involves being bold with making choices. Whether it’s right or wrong is only a matter of opinion and not the point – it’s the fact that you make a calculated decision that helps you take that one step forward in knowledge, experience and character is what counts.

So, what are we waiting for? Embrace every moment and proactively seek new opportunities to learn!


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