About Schmediad (aka Denise Tung)

I’m obsessed with the media, particularly social media and how it’s impacting human behaviour (and vice versa) both on the web and offline. I also have an infatuation with techie stuff which will most likely involve smart devices and anything-Google-or-Apple.

I stay sane teaching Cycle and BodyAttack classes and playing mum to my 2 year old Nomes as well as catching up with my Product Maven mates in Sydneytown.

This blog is my safety trust of all things schmedia or schmick-like. Random rants that I’d love to share and hear your thoughts on!

  1. Hey Denise! It was good to see you last night. I could’ve sworn i was following you on twitter.

    Well, now I am – hope to chat soon. I won’t be at coffee till about 930a on Friday but hope we can connect & learn more about what you are doing.

    I like your blog – lots of great info. I’ll spend some more time here for sure.

    Cheers & best,

  2. Stephen McGillen says:

    Really Cool Demo of Mobile Mediaportal

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