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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and boy have I missed doing so! Since starting a new job with a larger remit and more work to conquer, keeping in tune with happenings in digital media has been fleeting at best.

 The past 5 months have left me pondering the topic of modern leadership and what makes a great (and sustaining) leader. To me, an inspiring leader must not only articulate the purpose of any venture or project clearly and in a way that makes sense for me, they must also connect and relate to my job at hand, the challenges faced and seek to then give constructive advice on the best mode of action.

What I’ve also noticed is that the digital world has significantly influenced what others expect from a leader. The interactive nature of the social web has meant any individual irrespective of skillset and experience has equal right to voice their opinion and be heard. In the same way, the next generation breed of up and coming managers who live and breathe with an online presence will demand instantaneous gratification: this means finding direct access to a discussion that has traditionally taken place behind closed doors. Gone are the days of effective dictatorship (which might I point out is very different to taking a directive stance – proven useful particularly in times of uncertainty and constant change).

To be truly collaborative, modern leadership is about incorporating typical elements of the social web: being accessible any time by your team, involving people on big ticket items right from the start (rather than after the event) and aligning your approach using the available tools these days (eg. Creating a Yammer community dedicated to sharing ideas) that encourages creative contributions on a daily basis.

Social leadership isn’t a new phenomenon (see Charlene Li’s briefing at SXSW last year), it’s here to stay as long as we humans are!


Since Murdoch’s ‘will charge for content’ mandate, there’s been ALOT of talk about finding a sustainable business model that may involve micropayments, us vs them mentalities, where traditional media blame internet based companies for their demise (eg. Google’s aggregating content) and so on.

What has become apparent to me of late is this: digital media, new media, social media age, which ever buzzword you choose to describe it, is here to stay. The solution is simple: embrace this exciting evolution of media as we know it.

Similar to how the typical corporation is, the way we interact, communicate and share is now all about collaboration, news is now pervasive and involves anyone who is closest to the topic or even at hand.

A great example of this is the recent Iran Election, where news on its progress broke much quicker than your traditional media. Savvy consumers of the Election would find more value watching self created coverage found via YouTube.

What this means is traditional media companies and journalists alike need to be at the forefront of using this content, which is freely available and very valuable once aggregated together, to distinguish themselves from other companies.  Syndicated content will only grow as creation, distribution and consumption of web based content grows.

And if the micropayments model is realised, they’ll find their readers much more willing to pay for their content!

(Some good case studies include Guardian in the UK (check out Meg Pickard on Twitter) and